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    Gym Stars 1


    Whether your child is new to gymnastics or has some experience, this class is a  great introduction to the sport. In the Gym Stars 1 class, we focus on developing a strong foundation of fundamentals in gymnastics. The class provides an opportunity for children to enhance their strength, balance, locomotion skills, and overall body conditioning…

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    Gym Stars 2


    This class is designed to elevate your gymnastics skills to the next level, focusing on skill refinement and general conditioning. If your child has already acquired a solid foundation of gymnastics skills and is ready to tackle more challenging elements, this class is the perfect opportunity for them. In this class, our coaches will refine…

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    Action-packed 60-minute class for kindergarten to grade 1 kids with a focus on gymnastics basics, progressions, and fun. No classes April 19, May 17, May 24 – 2024 Please note that an Annual $53.00 Gymnastics BC Insurance fee (valid from Sept 01, 2023 – Aug 31, 2024) Must be paid at the time of Registration…